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Welcome To Account Wizard
Why are so many companies choosing Account Wizard? Because, Account Wizard is the only e-Company solution available today! More than just e-commerce, Account Wizard enables online account information, shipment notifications, online shopping, etc.  All aspects of your business are made more efficient by capturing the power of the Internet.
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Account Wizard acquired by Account Wizard Business Services
As of April 1st, 2002 the Account Wizard/Epoxy System and all the assets associated with the system and Edge Technologies Inc. were transferred to Account Wizard Business Services.  AWBS to continue development of the Account Wizard system and will continue to provide support for the many currently supported Accounting systems and publishers that have made the system what it is today.  Please check back often for new and exciting updates concerning the System.
How Does Account Wizard Work?
[Computer]Wondering how Account Wizard provides this incredible range of functionality?  Learn more about how Account Wizard creates your e-Company and allows your customers to check their account information and shop online, all while maintaining itself.
Concerned About Security?
All access to account information is performed through our SSL (secured socket layer) server. This server ensures that all login information, credit card information, account information, as well as all administration functions are fully encrypted from our servers to the browser. SSL is the recognized secure method for data privacy over the Internet.

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