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Accounting System Publishers
small1.gif (1221 bytes) Account Wizard Partner Program
Account Wizard has been designed to integrate with the vast majority of accounting systems published throughout the world. Now any accounting software publisher can offer Internet capabilities to their end-users. 
small1.gif (1221 bytes) Benefits
Profitable Account Wizard can enhance your existing software suite. In a matter of days, your firm can offer an Internet solution to your end-users. Integration with Account Wizard adds value to your software suite!
Available Now Account Wizard is a solution that you can offer your end-users today. Account Wizard web sites are accessed every minute of every day. Integration with Account Wizard lets your firm concentrate on developing your software suite while still meeting customer Internet demands.
Extensive Features Here at Edge Technologies, Inc. we focus on one thing and one thing only - making Account Wizard better. We gather suggestions from subscribers around the world and add these suggestions to the service. Integration with Account Wizard offers your end-users "world class" Internet features.
Advanced Security We monitor the Account Wizard service around the clock. We stay current on all the latest security measures available on the Internet. Integration with Account Wizard brings our "state of the art security" features to your end-users.
Externally Hosted Account Wizard Subscribers don't worry about the high costs and security risks of leased lines. The Account Wizard Service includes all hosting and Internet connectivity. Integration with Account Wizard offers your end-users a better option than in-house hosting.
Competitively Priced Account Wizard is an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes. There are no servers or software to purchase. Integration with Account Wizard is the most affordable solution for your end-users.
Professional Technical Support We handle all technical support issues regarding the use of Account Wizard. Your support staff can focus on supporting your software suite. Integration with Account Wizard is the way to go!
small1.gif (1221 bytes) How it works
Account Wizard has been designed to integrate with your software suite through the use of the Account Wizard Data Agent. The Data Agent was designed to read all the popular data files in use today, including: dBase, FoxPro, Access, Btrieve, and ODBC.

While the Data Agent can read the data files, the exact structure of these data files is different for each accounting system. This is why a driver must be built for your software suite. This driver can be built by your internal development staff, or by Account Wizard (for a small fee). Most drivers can be built in 1 to 2 days.

To build a driver, a programmer will design SQL (Structured Query Language) statements that will extract the required information from your software suite. The Data Agent is interactive in design and provides complete specifications as to the information that must be extracted. Technical Support is also available for all Account Wizard Partners.


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