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Account Wizard Features

Key Features
Account Wizard encompasses all aspects of your business.  Click on the links below to learn more about Account Wizard features.

Sales & Marketing
Online Shopping Ad Hoc Searching Multi-tier Pricing Support Item Category Searching Image Support
Customer Support
24 Hour Information Access Account Balance Open Orders Payments History Invoice History
Automated Past Due Notices Automated Monthly Statements Domain Support Shipment Notifications
General Features
Link With Existing Website Support For Popular Accounting Systems Customizable Website Easy Setup Affordable Full Security
  • Affordable
    Moving your business operations to the Internet doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Account Wizard subscribers pay one low monthly rate. This low monthly rate includes the use of all Account Wizard features, as well as, all web site hosting costs. You can have a complete customizable web site, updated automatically every night, providing online shopping, full access to account information, as well as, automatic shipment notifications, for what some other firms charge just to store static pages.
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  • Support for popular micro based accounting systems
    Account Wizard can access many popular accounting systems - including QuickBooks®, POSitive Software®, and many others. Check our list of supported accounting systems for additional information.
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  • On Line Shopping
    Now you can market your products via the Internet. Account Wizard synchronizes with your accounting system. As you make changes to prices and products lines, Account Wizard is automatically updated. There are no items to add, no prices to update. Account Wizard even supports all your pricing formulas. If your accounting system supports it, so does Account Wizard.
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  • 24 Hour access to account information
    Your customers will have 24 hour access to all the features of your website. Our servers run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your customers can get answers to questions on their account at any time, day or night, weekday or weekend. This translates into more time selling while also allowing customers access to the information they require.
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  • Customizable web sites
    All businesses are different, and with Account Wizard you can express that individuality. Account Wizard supports custom links and descriptions for your web site. These links can be used to promote new products, support old products, or just to keep your customers up to date on the services you offer. And best of all, web site customization is included free with your Account Wizard subscription.
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  • Easy setup
    Account Wizard is easy to setup. Just answer a few questions, download the Account Wizard Data Agent and specify what accounting system you have and you are all set. Account Wizard will generate all the necessary data sets and upload them to the Account Wizard server. You can have a full, interactive presence on the Internet in a matter of minutes.
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  • Full security
    Account Wizard has full security built in. Data encryption, Secure Socket Layer servers, and case sensitive passwords are just some of the technologies securing your data.
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  • Link With Existing Web Site
    If you have an existing web site, no problem! Just add two links and you are ready to offer On Line Shopping and Account Research to your customers. You can even select a "look" from our list of pre-defined templates that best matches your existing web site. Your customers will never know they are accessing a different server.
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  • Ad Hoc Searching
    Your customers will be able to search through your item catalog by entering keywords or phrases.  The database containing your items will then be searched for the keywords and a grouping of those items matching the keyword will be returned.  Your customers do not have to know the precise name or identification number in order to find an item.
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  • Multi-tier Pricing Support
    Account Wizard allows multi-tier pricing support, giving you the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to your online catalog.  If you have different prices for end customers and for brokers, Account Wizard will display the correct price for the appropriate customer.  The multi-tier pricing scheme must be set up in your accounting system for this feature to work.
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  • Item Category Search
    Your customers can search your online catalog by category.  Customers will be able to browse all items contained within a particular category.  This will allow a customer to see all the items you offer in addition to finding the item they were trying to find.
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  • Image Support
    Account Wizard supports images, allowing you to include pictures of your items in the online catalog.  Images will help customers accurately identify the item they are seeking as well as add some flare to your online catalog.
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  • Account Balance
    Your customers have access to their account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  They will be able to check the balance of their account by logging in to your Account Wizard website.  The Account Balance section will provide you with an accurate account aging.
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  • Open Orders
    Your customers will be able to obtain information on orders pending shipment.  In addition, any backorders that are on record will be presented as well.
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  • Payments
    The Payments section will allow your customers to research all payments and credits posted to their account.  Your support responsibilities will be reduced by allowing Account Wizard to answer these types of questions.
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  • Invoice History
    Your customers will have the opportunity to research their account history without taking up the time of your staff.  The Invoice History section provides your customers with access to past orders they have placed with your company.
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  • Automated Past Due Notices
    This feature sends an e-mail message to your customers if they have an invoice that is more than a certain number of days overdue.  As the e-Company administrator you will be able to determine the number of days an invoice must be overdue before an e-mail message is sent.
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  • Automated Monthly Statements
    Automated and easy to use - Account Wizard will send an accurate monthly statement via email. You get to pick the day of the month as well as the customers who should receive a statement. Set it up once and Account Wizard does the rest.
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  • Domain Support
    Account Wizard now supports domains.  In addition to the rich features offered by Account Wizard, for a small additional fee, you can have a website at  
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  • Shipment Notifications / Electronic Invoicing
    Notify your customers when their orders have shipped!  Account Wizard will automatically notify your customers when you have shipped their order.  The notification is done via e-mail and allows your customers to be completely up to date with the status of their orders.
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