INFO: Errors when extracting data from QuickBooks files.
DATE: March 3, 1999

The Account Wizard Data Agent is detecting corruption in your QuickBooks file. There are a variety of ways your QuickBooks file can become corrupted such as your computer locking up or network errors.

While the Data Agent is reporting the error, this is not an error with the Data Agent. The Data Agent is reporting a problem with the QuickBooks file that may have existed for some time. Please perform the following steps to confirm and correct the problem.

1. Close the Account Wizard Data Agent.
2. Load QuickBooks and open the company file in question.
3. Select File and Utilities from the menu.
4. Select Verify Data from the submenu.

You will receive one of the messages listed below.

"Data has lost integrity. Close all windows and choose Utilities and Rebuild Data from the file menu. If you see this message again, call Intuit Technical Support."

This message confirms that there is a problem with your QuickBooks file. It is important that you correct this problem for not only proper operation of the Account Wizard Data Agent, but also QuickBooks itself. Please follow the instructions provided by QuickBooks including contacting Intuit for assistance in correcting any corruption in your file. Only after you have corrected the problems with your QuickBooks file, will the Data Agent function properly.

"QuickBooks detected no problems with your data."

If you receive this message, there are no problems with your QuickBooks data file. Please contact Account Wizard Technical Support for assistance in locating the problem with the Data Agent.


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