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Account Wizard Security Features

We realize that many people are concerned about the security of information communicated in an online environment. Nothing has been more important in the development of this service than the security of our system and the sites hosted. If you are considering setting up your own web server, take a look at why Account Wizard is vastly more secure.

Account Wizard offers the following security features -

SSL Server
All access to account information is performed through our SSL (secured socket layer) server. This server ensures that all login information, credit card information, account information, as well as all administration functions are fully encrypted from our servers to the browser. SSL is the recognized secure method for data privacy over the Internet.

External Hosting
Companies wishing to accomplish Account Wizard functionality, without using Account Wizard,  must install a dedicated Internet connection into their local network. This connection allows the entire world access to the local network. Improper security configurations could provide "back doors" into the local area network with access to all local information.

Account Wizard Subscribers do not have these concerns. Account Wizard handles all hosting. Subscribers provide their customers with accurate, up to date information, while keeping their local network secure. Account Wizard is vastly more secure than an "in-house" hosted web server.

Read Only
The integrity of your accounting data should be left to the publisher of your accounting system. This is the reason why the Account Wizard Data Agent program is read only when accessing your accounting data. The Account Wizard Data Agent WILL NOT alter your accounting information.

Data Snapshots
As a matter of design, the Account Wizard Data Agent transfers small portions of your accounting information. The Data Agent DOES NOT transfer all of your accounting information. As an example, customer address and contact information is never transmitted. By limiting the amount of information, security is further increased.

Data Agent Password Access
The Data Agent requires a login and password entry before any configuration changes can be saved. Only authorized users can adjust the operation of an Account Wizard Web Site.

Data Agent File Encryption
All data transmitted from the Data Agent to our Master Servers is fully encrypted. Account Wizard Subscribers can define a Data Agent Encryption Key exceeding 40 characters to ensure the most accurate security available. Subscriber information remains encrypted at all times, even while it is stored on our servers.

Case Sensitive Passwords and Locks & Limits
All account passwords are case sensitive ensuring the highest possible number of combinations. Additionally, Account Wizard Subscribers can define the number of times a client may attempt to enter their Customer Code and Password. These features disable attempts to guess the correct customer code and password by trying all possible combinations (usually referred to as "brute force attacks").

Additional Features
We appreciate the value of your data. This is why we have listed some of our security features above. To further enhance the security of Account Wizard, and your data, additional security features that have been implemented are not being made public, but you can be assured they are working to keep your data as safe as possible.

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