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Design Services

Although the Account Wizard System offers a rich look and basic home page features, there are many times when the content of a website may require more than what is offered by the general system.  For sites that have more content (customer help, support services, online content), it is helpful to have someone that knows HTML web design.

Account Wizard Business Services does not currently offer any in-house content design services but please check back for an updated references and recommendations list.  This will include a list of design firms that we recommend and also firms that are already familiar with the Account Wizard system and can integrate and make use of its already rich look and feature-sets.

What are Design Services?
DesignAccount Wizard Business Services

Need some help with the look and content of your Account Wizard Network web site? We can help. Why not let one of our designers add your company and product information to your web site? Our services include:

How much does it cost?
Design Services are usually billed by the hour at prices ranging from $50.00 US per hour up to $100 US per hour. Depending on the complexity of your site and whether or not it includes any extra dynamic content, the cost of the initial design of your website may reach into the thousands very quickly.  Typically, however, a very professional looking site which integrates the Account Wizard System and does not include any extra dynamic content, will cost around $1000 US for initial setup.  Click here for a good example...   Just remember that this will be the basis for a store where customers are going to shop.  The easier and more appealing the site, the better.

  Things you may need
Give some thought to how many sections you would like on your web site.
As an example, Products & Services would be a section detailing the goods and services your company offers.

Send copies of company and product information.
Most design firms accept hard copy as well as most major electronic formats. Use popular formats such as Microsoft Word documents when possible. Information transmitted in electronic format will reduce the time and costs of building your web site.

Should you have any suggestions or additions to our list of Design Firms, please contact the sales department.

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